Where to find Yoga or Mobility exercises for cyclists?

I have quite tight hips and I want to work on that via mobility exercsises or yoga, but I don’t find it very fun.

I think the main reason is because most online videos lack progression, and either fall in the WAY to hard category or way too easy.

Is there maybe a course I can subscribe? A lilttle app? An online tutorial? In part I also want somethign “cool” for additional motivation.

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Have you looked at https://yoga15.com, I like her videos, easy to follow, her videos can also be found in the Wahoo Systm app, is what got me into Yoga, in the Systm app you can pick the workouts by difficulty (they do a free trial)

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I like Yoga with Adriene. She’s got a heap of videos from beginner to advanced and everything in between. This video is focused on yoga for cyclists:

I find her her videos very meditative


Its not Yoga, but I like GMB. Has an app and progressions from easy to hard.

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I’ve been practicing yoga for over twenty years now and I think any general yoga program is good for cyclists. My favorite service is a paid service called Glo which also has pilates (really good stuff for building up muscles for long amounts of saddle time) and some general bodyweight strength classes. The classes are leveled and graded by intensity. Jason Crandell is a really good teacher who also teaches a lot about anatomy if that’s something you’re interested in.

For free stuff, I like Tom Merrick, who has a lot of stretching and mobility routines that you can follow along with.

Thank you all for the responses. For now the one that resonated more with me is probably GMB, but a bit pricy.
Probably going to try some Tom Merrick routines.

Also I was aware of Adriene, but I cannot complete most exercises in that video, which is why I need to do some progression in my mobility exercises (and also to be able to go for racier bike geometries).