Lap power not matching Wahoo BOLT

Apologies not TR app related…

I use a Wahoo BOLT and have been doing some 60s intervals, when I compare things on Strava the lap power does not watch the Wahoo data. Strava is higher.

Anyone experience this? I think this is more likely BOLT related as when I set off the power on the first lap stays lower than I know it should be, it then seemed ok for a couple of intervals but then on the comparison the BOLT is lower than Strava. I’m not sure how they can differ given that Strava is taking the data from the BOLT so you think they’d just match??

Is Strava dropping the 0w data?

Also double check that one isn’t your NP, or that you have your FTP set the same in both devices.

I think you are right about the dropping 0W, that was what I think I could see in the interval.

So as an example, I had a lap of 1m 01s, wahoo was stating 484W for that duration but if I took the best power for say 56s of that 61s lap then it would be 550W which would be more reflective of the effort I put in!

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Yep sounds about right, I had similar with my Wahoo and TR.