Anyone else having Issues with Wahoo Element/Bolt?

Last night I updated my Bolt to the latest firmware (WB15-6919) and this morning went on a super easy recovery spin outside. An hour an 10 minute ride with an avg. power of 110 and HR of 108 recorded as 37.73 miles with an avg. speed of 23 mph.

Clearly that’s not correct. In fact I mapped it out using RidewithGPS and it was only 19 mile rides. Like I said super easy recovery spin after an epic bonk on a gravel century yesterday.

Anyways, is anyone else having issues?

Huh. Yes. My kJ s are doubling what the actual expenditure is on the screen but it is being uploaded correctly.


Not sure if this has something to do with it


Hmm, I wouldn’t be so bothered by the doubling if it had uploaded to Strava correctly. :slight_smile:

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That would explain why I can’t connect for the update!

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I think I’m having the same issue and just noticed it today. Both TR and Strava are showing about 900 kJ for an 80 min ride I did today, while my Bolt says 1666. Have you figured out the issue? Good thing I didn’t eat 1666 calories of snacks when we stopped for coffee…

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I manually paused during my ride today and my pedals didn’t come back. So that’s nice. Don’t know if I should blame my Assiomas or Wahoo.

Same here

Wahoo is such a disaster of a company…

To be honest I haven’t had even a single shadow of a problem with my Element since I bought it over a year ago. Not sure where your assessment is coming from (if only based on one software glitch mentioned above?) as wahoos tend to be faultless (or at least, much more reliable then say their biggest market competitor, which can’t run a single unit without some sort on issue here or there :wink: )

Every company will have their ups and downs, but to say that it’s a disaster of a company is a bit of a stretch :wink:

Edit: not sure about their trainers as I don’t have one, but the head units (which I am writing about above) are spot on.

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I would never ever buy a Wahoo trainer again but the Bolt has been flawless ever since I got it. In contrast to my nightmarish experiences with Garmin.

An additional bug introduced with the latest firmware update is that hitting pause creates recording gaps with zero altitude and so. Strava filters these out but not Trainingpeaks or Golden Cheetah. Suddenly you have massive elevation gain in your rides. Probably not so much an issue for the indoor folks.

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Is this big (as reported by the OP) now resolved?

I have just had a week off the bike due to illness so haven’t used my bolt recently.

I’m gonna have to disagree with you here on this one. I’ve had the Bolt since it was released and this is the first issue I’ve ever had.

I’ve also had a couple of Kickr’s over the years without any issues. Only sold them when I was in a period of not riding so much. Only got a Neo this time because it was too good a deal to pass up.

Not that I’m aware of, however, I haven’t done a ride today to see what happens. Maybe later.

I haven’t heard anything back from the support ticket that I submitted other than the form response but it was a Sunday and it’s still early Monday morning.

Their trainers have issues but frankly so does everyone else (go see my H2 vs H3 thread and how I’m now on my 4th unit), Wahoo just sells more so they have more problems just as a quantity, but as a percentage I’m sure they’re on par with the industry as far as suck rate. However having personal experience with their BOLT computer, there was only one day where I, and all of my friends had issues with GPS tracking, due to some funky activity in the sky. Otherwise, been faultless for me

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Yeah I’m gonna have to call BS on this too.

I have used pretty much every companies hardware at one point or another in the last 15 years, and currently have an ELEMNT, a KICKR, and 3 various Wahoo heart rate straps, I’ve had ZERO issues with any of them. I bought the ELEMNT to replace a screwy 510 Garmin, so as they say, TMMV.

I am not saying no one has issues with them, but I am saying we have a vocal minority here who raise their issues very loudly on the reg. Looking at numbers sold vs issues, Wahoo is doing just fine.

You guys are entitled to your opinions. Wahoo won’t get another dime from me. Kickr Core, two Tickrs and a Bolt… batting roughly .500. More important to me than the actual equipment issues is their handling of them. I’ve had issues with Garmin and Cycleops/Saris equipment too, but their customer service blew Wahoo’s out of the water.

My Wahoo gear has had too many preventable technical and design issues for my taste, and then my experience with getting them resolved has been poor. YMMV. They market well, though. :man_shrugging:


@logella, @Bikeguy0, @FrankTuna and anyone else seeing their distance or KJ doubling we have a fix in Beta for that. You can opt-in for that update by emailing with your Wahoo Cloud information otherwise should be released to public pretty soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


does the beta adress the zero-gaps when hitting pause, as well? Used not be like that before the latest firmware update.