Year over year improvement

Hi all,

I’ve been with TrainerRoad for three seasons now. I race mostly mtb, with the occasional cross race in the fall. I was wondering what others experience is with year over year improvements. The first year I raced I started with an FTP of around 280 (85kg) and improved to around 325 through the course of a base, build and specialty plan (Nov - May). After the summer, I took off about 6 weeks and started again, almost identical numbers (287 to 326 over the course of the training plans). This year started out a bit better (306), however I seem to have plateaued, especially in my VO2 workouts. I am 47 this year and typically follow medium volume plans…

Wondering if others have been the same or if I need to think about some changes to my plans. I’m pretty good with nutrition and recovery, etc…maybe it’s just the getting older thing!!


Hey there!

You are not alone in that you have hit a fitness plateau. It’s actually pretty common! Just for reference, check out the following resources we have about breaking through a fitness plateau:

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