Year long race calandar training plan builder help

I began using TrainerRoad (TR) at the start of winter, utilizing the custom plan builder feature. Initially, I took a conservative approach when designing my training plan, considering the limited time I had available to train each week. At that point, I had only identified a couple of races as my main goals, notably the 18 Hours of Fruita in May and the Steamboat Gravel event in August.

My query is whether TrainerRoad will automatically adjust my training focus after preparing me for my May ‘A’ race, to then optimize my fitness for the Steamboat Gravel race. While I have faith in the technology, I’m a bit apprehensive that there might be more involved than simply inputting my races into the calendar and allowing it to run its course.

I’m open to the idea of hiring a coach to review and fine-tune the phases outlined in my calendar. However, before taking that step, I’d appreciate any insights or advice from fellow cyclists here on the forum.

Mark Steamboat as an “A” race and plan builder will take care of your training phases. It is common to have a big race early in the season and then rebuild for a big race late in the season. The only thing I’d recommend is taking a mid season break (1 week) after your first “A” race. This will help you greatly come August.


Hey there and welcome to the TR community!

Plan Builder will automatically shift your training for your next A event marked on your TR Calendar if it falls within the time range of your current plan.

I just checked out your TR Calendar and saw that your current plan is set to end after your A race in May. Since that’s the case, you can follow your plan until then, and then add a new Plan Builder plan to your Calendar afterward.

The plan will be built out based on the type of event you specify your A race to be.

I also like the advice @MI-XC gave you here – taking a week off after your A race is a good idea and that mid-season break will help you refresh after the build-up to and through your first A race of the season before jumping back into the next training cycle.

Hope this helps – feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

Absolutely love you guys and this support! I’m stoked you were able to check out my calendar, providing me solid confidence in your recommendation. A few quick questions below.

  1. After I take a week off after May and start a new training plan with new availability to train, will TR take into consideration the base I had already done early in the season? I don’t want to waste time building base again when my workouts can be harder.
  2. Is this the best way to organize my calendar? Meaning, is it best to start a fresh plan for SBT in May since it’s a different style race? Or, should I have listed one as a B race.
  3. Is it common to get a trainer who can work with my to develop my calendar on TR a bit better? I love the TR user interface so I’m not looking to move away from it but I am interested in getting a coach to put down a few years of strong racing. I live in Boulder so open to suggestions.

Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the kind words! We’re happy to help out. :smiley:

1 – The training phase of the new plan you add after your first A race will depend on the experience level you choose when filling out your Plan Builder details:

Newer athletes will get more Base Phase time as they typically haven’t had as much overall volume throughout their shorter endurance training careers, so that extra base work is usually more beneficial. More experienced athletes will get more Build Phase time as their aerobic base is generally going to be larger already, so the extra time in the Build Phase is more productive for them.

2 – There’s no right or wrong way to approach setting up your Calendar! Personally, I like setting up one plan for my first A race of the season so I can feel like I’m really focusing on that first goal of the year. To me, it helps break the season up into more manageable chunks. I’ll find myself more focused on that first goal race up until my mid-season break. Once I reach that point, I can set my sights on my next A event.

Other athletes prefer to set their Calendar up for the entire season if that’s their preference – they like having an idea of what their entire training year might look like. Ultimately, it’s up to you!

3 – I’m not sure how common that might be as it isn’t something we track, but it probably wouldn’t hurt if you think it would help you reach your goals!

As a starting point, I think reading through some of the topics on this forum might be helpful. We have a lot of experienced and knowledgeable athletes who like to post here and they provide a ton of great information. I’ve worked with coaches in the past and I’ve gone through training plans independently myself, and whether I’ve had a coach or coached myself, I’ve always found it useful to talk cycling with my fellow bike racers.

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