Withings vs Tanita accuracy

Has anyone got a good comparison of accuracy between Withings and Tanita in NON-athlete mode for body fat % readings?

I think @Nate_Pearson might have mentioned he switched - so I wondered if anyone else had and how close they are?

i Just purchased the Withings scale to replace my Tanita as I like the idea of seeing trends over time and also the suggestion from the podcast of taping the screen and having it send to phone so only checking 1x per week etc. ie not obsessing too much.

For anyone interested in my n=1 of DEXA vs Tanita - I got my 1st DEXA a few weeks ago and my Tanita was exactly the same as DEXA to the decimal place!!! 7.0%
However the person doing the dexa did say as you get lower it tends to be less margin of error - less of a pendulum swing as it were…