Wrong zone wattages in website ride analysis

I’ve just signed up for a Trainerroad account, put in all my details including weight and current ftp of 295. All my Strava rides have been synced with the Trainerroad calender. When I select the ride I did today which was an easy zone 2 one and I click on “analyse”, it takes me to the Website. All fine, apart from the zone analysis.
The wattages for the zones are all wrong. The Anerobic zone is showing as 242 watts. I’ve checked my account and its showing my 295 ftp. What’s going on?

It’s definitely worth contacting support@trainerroad.com with stuff like this, but maybe check this first: TR keeps an FTP history over time, and it’s possible this workout was imported before your FTP update.

Try clicking on the ride in the calendar, then the pencil icon to edit:

In the popup, then check the FTP against this particular ride is what you expect:

If not, that’s the issue and you can edit it. You may also want to go to “Account / FTP History” and check/fix the history records present there.

If you’ve already done these things - sorry - definitely worth contacting support, they’ll be able to help you.


Thanks for your reply, but I’ve literally hjust started with TR today so there is no history at all. I’ve done what you’ve suggested and you’re right, the ftp is set at 200 for all rides that have been synced from Strava. Why on earth would it set it them at 200? I wonder if I can change the historical ftp globally rather than do each individual ride.

I guess that’s what I meant - in the absence of any actual history, maybe 200 is the default value it uses. I found another post in the forum which suggested you can fix your FTP history, disable strava sync with “remove imported data” ticked, wait 48 hours and re-enable sync to re-import them. But having to wait 48 hours seems like a bit of a pain… maybe contact support to see if that’s the best approach. Things might have changed since then!

Here’s the post I found: Re-syncing Strava activities?

Or add historic FTP and your problem should be solved. Account → profile → FTP history. And yes, 200W is default FTP.

Does it automatically reprocess your rides? The post I linked to suggested it didn’t, but I’m not sure. It’s so long ago since I did it!

Yes it does thank you. Its all sorted now.

On a different note. I stupidly started the 7 day free trial at the beginning of my recovery week, so it’ll run out before I have the chance to use it properly. Does anyone have a 30 day friend referral code I can use at all? If TR still does that…?

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Referral codes are gone now. The 7 day free trial replaced them.