Wrong Workout FTP

Hello, I started Traineroad today. Entered my FTP (260). Traineroad got all my workouts from Strava and now all my workouts have a 290 FTP.

Why is that?

Sorry for the bad English.

That shouldn’t be the case. I would make sure it was typed in correctly and just type it in as 260 again. We don’t change your FTP based on any Strava data import.

I’m surprised, too.
My account is 260 and my workout is 290?


Maybe this was changed after you did your workout? Try to load another workout and see what your FTP is set to, you should be able to tell by seeing where the FTP line is drawn.

Could you email support@trainerroad.com if you keep having an issue?

The whole calendar of Strava has been loaded and all workouts have been changed to 290 FTP.

It’s not everything, just since May.