Automatic FTP calculation from outdoor ride

Hi, I have an outdoor ride from last year in which I held 339W for 20 mins and 346W for 8 mins. After that ride, TR automatically calculated my FTP at 307W, but I have no idea how it got to that. 95% of 339W is 322W and 90% of 346W is 311W. Does anyone have any idea why the discrepancy?

No, but the typical definition of an FTP is not what you can hold for 20 mins x .95 as a ‘20 minute’ testing protocol typically requires an anaerobic strain ahead of the 20 minute steady state to ensure you are using the right ‘systems’ for the test, i.e. aerobic.

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Does TR detect new FTP from outside rides and other workouts? I didn’t know that. Only ever had a new FTP proposed from doing the ramp test.

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It does not.



It certainly seems to be calculating my FTP for me. I started using TR a month ago but my FTP history is complete all the way back to before I even owned a power meter - all I have done is import my rides from Strava and it has produced that screenshot. I didn’t even own a power meter in 2014 so why on earth would I have entered 199W.

Going forward TR will not do that. Pulling in past rides as a newcomer TR does grab other FTP tests and the like. Not sure of the exact metrics behind pulling in past Strava rides. I do recall it did something similar for me when I started in July 2018.

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OK thanks for the info