Historical FTP from imported rides

Is there a way to set FTP values at certain specific dates in the past?

I started using TrainerRoad in the beginning of this year and my FTP history since then is correct because I did all my following FTP tests in TrainerRoad itself.

However, as I opened my account, I imported a lot of previous rides from Strava, most of which have power data. I saw TrainerRoad compute some FTP estimates and introduce associated FTP change events derived from these rides in my career timeline. My problem is that not all FTP changes were detected in the process and as a result there are months-long periods where the weekly TSS is quite high, which I presume is due to using a previous low FTP estimate. Interestingly enough, some of these rides were actual 20-min FTP tests done in Zwift, so the data is certainly there but TR did not detect/use it.

My questions are:

  1. Shouldn’t TR have detected ALL such FTP changes in those rides and created accurate FTP history in the first place?

  2. Is there a way to set the FTP at the relevant points in time manually and make TR recompute the subsequent rides’ TSS (until the next FTP change) so they show in the timeline accurately?

Open TR on the web.
Click [Account], click [FTP History], Click [Add Record], enter your info and that should be it.


Ah, yes! I kept trying to find a context menu from the TSS timeline instead.

Much better now (except for the fact that those 1300+ TSS weeks are gone). Thanks, a lot!

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