FTP change without Test

I just noticed an FTP change in my career. But I did not do a test, nor did a conscious update of my FTP. Is this a new feature, or did I somehow change it manually (it’s back to my previous number, maybe a sync issue between devices?)

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Most likely a sync issue between devices. I’ve seen this a couple of times between the website and my Android phone. Annoying if you do a full workout without noticing.

Contact support@trainerroad.com for review of this issue.

what workout(s) did you do lately?

It’s a known issue which TR don’t seem bothered about fixing. If you use TR on multiple devices, phone, laptop, computer, etc then if you update your FTP on one it doesn’t always automatically update across all.

While this can be an issue on occasion, as long as you give the application enough time to connect to the server, the FTP almost always ports over. The problem occurs when the user jumps into their prescribed ride before the app has a chance to sync. It can also occur when there is no internet connection on a device before starting a workout

The issue of the OP though seems different though. His FTP reverted to an old FTP, which is not quite the same issue. Our Support Team should be able to take a closer look and get him sorted out in no time :+1:


Thanks for the input all. I think what @Bryce is describing is what might have happened. Have been using the Ipad app lately. Then when the ipad wasn’t in the trainerroom, but my laptop was I quickly grabbed that and effectively only turned on the internet connection after my workout was over (I think). The laptop must still have had my previous FTP setting, and synced that to the interwebs.

Luckily not much harm was done as the difference between FTPs was only 2 watts :sweat_smile:

I’ll delete the ‘newest’ ftp update and only keep those from the test.

Thanks for confirming that FTP should only change automagically after testing, all others changed are ‘manual’ (or artifactual in this case).

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Okay so it’s not just me. I must noticed this today myslef. A whole 34% change that killed me on this virtual duathlon (I didn’t even notice until the next day). No wonder I was dying!!! So… it does it by itself?