Wrist Tendonitis

I have developed painful tendonitis in my left wrist. It has been building for a few weeks and now is pretty painful when on the bike, off the bike and playing golf is even worse. My last week was 8.5 hours of training on the bike at 477 TSS. I am planning on doing a Century with some buddies on April 3 and want to make sure my wrist is better for that event. Can and should i continue to train, using lower intensity rides (50-65% of FTP) and lower the hours to 5-6 per week until the event? I feel as though I have prepared well for the event and am ready for it other than needing some down time and lower workloads up until the event. Or should i stay off the bike completely and let the wrist heal? Seems like the plan should be stay on bike, lower intensity and don’t use the left hand at all while riding on the trainer. What do you all say is best approach? Thanks.

Can you wear a wrist brace or something similar while riding/training to stop aggravating it? I found the Velcro wrist braces with an aluminium splint in them to help when I had a wrist issue. Not very comfortable when on the bike, but stopped my wrist from bending back and hurting.

The other option could be to jerry-rig a stack of books/foam/cardboard boxes to rest your elbow on so you don’t use your wrist at all on the trainer. If you can find a way to stop aggravating it on the trainer you can still enjoy outside rides even if it does flare up a bit. Look up what other people have done on the trainer with a broken wrist and you might get some ideas.

Thanks. Will try it out.