Training with a broken wrist

48 hours after an MTB crash. Legs are intact apart from light bruising but right wrist is bust. No displacement so hopefully will avoid a cast (still in a splint at present)

I’ve ordered some clip on TR bars, but has anyone been through this and how did you manage to ride the turbo?

I’m thinking that long, hard sessions will be tough with one one arm supporting me, possible option of two shorter sessions per day?

Any hacks I can use to keep myself supported? Been working hard for 8 weeks at a high TSS and don’t want to lose my gains

Happened to me a few years ago(ski crash). I was in a cast for 6 weeks and it really didn’t slow me down too much. I did what you did and used the tri bar. It was actually probably easier with the cast because I could actually sit up and use the cast to support my weight if needed.

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Thanks, I’m glad I have the splint but it doesn’t gave as much support as a full cast. That said I will get to avoid the sweating and smell!

I’ve been doing the aerobar TR routine for the past month with two broken wrists/arms (MTB gone wrong).

check w/your provider, and I had to knock back my FTP, but am bouncing back quickly and have been able to hit all my MV targets on the aerobars. Just trying to be mindful of my fatigue. Not really the time to make a lot of gains as much as maintain.

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Ya mine smelled so disgusting after 6 weeks

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Well, the approved method seems to be a step ladder.

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