Wrist protection for XC

I recently broke my wrist while riding and its been a slog, enough so that I’m thinking of protecting it going forward. Does anyone have a recommendation for something that might be reinforcing a bit but not super heavy or hot or obstructive?

Probably not what you are looking for, but I recommend two things:

  • an Ergon grip with wing. I have a GA3 and it’s been great. It’s been a game changer, particularly on long rides with long technical sections.
  • FT with weights. I don’t know what is more appropriate for you, but following a FT program has been very useful for me. Later on, when you regain strength and confidence, even doing regular strength work with dumbbells like lunges and Bulgarian squats is quite useful for strengthening writs.
    The more seasoned you are the more patience you’ll need, but you will get better if you take progressive steps. Good luck!

Mobius X8 can limit the range of motion of the wrist. I’ve seen a couple of motocross guys wear them. I’m not sure if that meets your requirement of not heavy or hot or obstructive though.

When I sprained my wrist a few years back I bought a cheap Mueller wrist brace on amazon and it worked “ok”. It adds some stiffness to your wrist and takes a little pressure off of the joint, enough that I could continue to do some shorter rides that weren’t too rough. Worth a try for $15 before you spend a couple hundred on something more robust.