In search of: the MOST PADDED glove

long story short: crashed, broke wrist, had surgery w/ a plate and screws put in last friday (thus typing w/ 1 hand). concerned about early days of returning to gravel (probably 10-12 weeks), with all the vibration that entails. i know i can drop tire pressure a bit, and have carbon bars, stem, ergon seat post etc, but…i’d like to find a really well-padded glove. hit me with your best suggestions…

Check out the Roeckl models that have the bi-fusion padding.

I have used Roeckl gloves for years and also have some with the bi-fusion padding. I think the padding is very nice for longer rides and gravel rides.


No glove recommendations (I actually use unpadded Handup gloves), but super thick or double wrapped bar tape might help too.

Sorry to hear about the crash. Heal well!


excellent! will take a look
use Fizik bondcrush 3mm on all my bars. very cushy!

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To soften the blow when I had a wrist issue I found taping a microfiber towel around the bar at the hood on that hand helped a lot. Had to ride on the hood. No top and no drops for a few weeks

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great idea!

I had a plate and 9 screws put in my radius for a fracture. Also broke 2 metacarpals (ring and pinkie side) and the tip of my pinkie finger at the same time. Metacarpals were broken into many pieces. Had the metcarpals pinned back together. In preparing for riding put thick cork tape on my bars with fizik gel handlebar pads underneath and wore Giordano Strada gloves (these have large very comfortable gels inserts; highly recommend these)… in the end return to cycling was not a big deal at all. Within a week or two of riding outside I rarely thought about my hand. I did PT with a hand specialist and followed doctors order regarding return to riding. That was close to 10 years ago so I don’t have access to that workout calendar anymore so can’t remember, but seem to think I returned to outdoor riding at about 8 weeks (rode indoors earlier)… in any event when the doc says you are healed and can stress the bones be cautious but confident. you’ll bounce back quicker than you think. Start initially on paved roads but plan to progress quickly as you gain confidence fast.

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammn…all I got was one little plate (and it’s titanium, so it should help my w/kg :rofl:). thanks, that gives me a huge boost in confidence! will take a look at those

I haven’t tried it, but one trick my buddy did for a 24 hour race was just to wear 2 pair of padded gloves. Something to try…

now there’s a thought…

Specialized Body Geometry Dual-Gel were the most padded gloves I could find for myself

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Maybe try a shorter stem (and a shock absorbing one) so you aren’t straight arming the bars? I pulled the scapholunate ligaments in both hands and was told to ‘be careful’. :roll_eyes: I ride inside a lot more as a result, and have double wrapped bars, and a really short stem, and still occasionally have painful wrists. It’s better but I don’t know if there’s a 100% solution. For outdoors, I looked into a suspension fork but the gravel bike (Cervelo) won’t take one and haven’t looked at the Roubaix yet. but occasionally, after a half hour riding outside my wrists are often just done. The pain sometimes lasts for hours. They say my wrists are stable at the moment. (Really?) I’ve been warned about the increased risk of arthritis. Yippee…

I feel your pain, hope you find some relief.

The Dual Gel gloves worked well, but the Velcro tabs separated making them rather awkward to use, but the padding is nice.

I was thinking about the Redshift stem. i have their seatpost on my cx/backup gravel bike and does an awesome jib


I have the Roubaix that I bought with what seems to be the 0.5 generation Future Shock stem (Specialized seems to have forgotten it) and the Redshift seems to be pretty much like it, not to say it’s bad at all. As a matter of fact, I did the Redshift because it is able to be mounted upside down, where the eeSilk can’t. So I went shorter, and taller.

I’d get it. Haven’t regretted buying it, but sure wish a Fox Shock fork could work on this ride. I shock fork would be better for more travel, but there may not be a perfect fit. The only shock forks I have are on a MTB and a fat bike. I guess if I get to the point I can drop a group ride on my fatty, I’ve accomplished something.

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have you looked at/ridden a Lauf?

When I was having some (thankfully shortlived) hand nerve issues, In Bike gloves/ mitts were my go to. I actually still have pairs in the mix even if I don’t need the extra padding.

thanks! i’ll take a look

I forgot to mention they do 5mm padding and 3mm padding. I used the 5mm.

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Someone I rode with, occasionally, had a couple of them that were from a sponsor and he raved about them but eventually dropped them. I don’t know if he lost a sponsor, or lost faith in those forks. They looked ‘goofy’, but looked like they would be a plush ride. I have thought of doing a Fox fork on the Roubaix, but it sounds like there are a lot of frames that those forks just will not fit. With all the weirdness of the 0.5 FutureShock, I’ll bet it’s on that list.

TANGENT: Back when I was considering a Fox fork for the Cervelo, I expected that they would officially say no, but the configuration of the bottom of the head tube seems to be designed specifically setup to deny replacement forks that aren’t Cervelo. Hmm… But I love that ride. The frame color is so amazing…

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