Wow, did Dylan just get out-dylaned

Chase Wark going after all gains for umbound. Dylan needs to try harder to get back on top of the margin gain podium.


Oh man, Dylan is down to the third best Dylan? Chase is #1, BHD is #2, and Dylan is #3…at best. Things are getting serious.


Ben Delaney video on this bike:

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I posted this yesterday as well, completely mental!

It’s nothing new, Chase has been riding that wheel since last year

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That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Watch the video.

Dylan so doing pretty good at mile 187. probably tring to catch the group in front.


He might finally finish higher than 17 :rofl::rofl:


Yes :joy:

The winners are 32 and 35 years old. :see_no_evil:

(What I mean by that: They are in my age group and they are so much fitter than I will ever be haha.)

Dylan seems to have finished in position 11.


Honestly super happy for Lachlan. Has always been fun to watch his various endeavors but never could get that top step.


Results can be found here: Athlinks

Elite Womens is in the last minutes - I‘m rooting for Paige. Seems she is in the front group.

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Paige got 3rd! thats an amazing comeback after last years devastation. Killer finish to the women’s race!


Any links to dhd’s bike

Dylan missed one of the simplest aero advantages: the new POC procen helmet (which Lachlan put to good use in the 2-up sprint!)


For Dylan’s race recap video, he’ll need to have Backwards Hat Dylan with his mouth taped shut.


If I only got 17th :frowning: putting together the bike was a fun project. Was it the most aero?? Maybe… Was it the most controversial? After reading the comments on Ben’s video, I think yes :joy: Thanks TR folks for not roasting me


Give us some field research! How did it ride? What would you have changed etc

The good:
The bike rides well with the Lauf fork and 2.2” tires. The aero wheels handle the wind really well, but it was also pretty lows winds on the day. The Jet 180 can handle crazy crosswinds, but a deep front wheel would have caused issue if it was 20+ mph winds/gusts. I was off the front for around 100 miles at the start and I haven’t compared numbers with the other breakaway riders, but it felt really easy for riding and we were cooking around 22mph. It was nice not having to carry anything on my back and I think that helped with over heating. The front fairing worked really well for drinking and I wouldn’t change that.

The bad:
I should have put rubber bands around the bladder in the frame bag. I thought I drank most of the liquid which had all my carbs since it was getting hard to suck in water (kind of like when a camelbak gets empty). I only found out after the race that they were both over half full and I probably missed consuming 400-500 grams of carbs. It then made sense why I started to fade between feeling good and bad after mile 120. This wasn’t an issue while testing which was weird. The other bad thing was my Velcro fell off so the frame bag hose had to start getting stuffed in the top tube bag and probably negated some of the aero benefit.

Would I do it all again? Probably. I already found a better material to make the frame bag out of and I’d insulated with a thin insulator. I’d like to test for a whole month and get the aid station time down quicker as well.


I guess I didn’t answer what I’d change. I would use magnets I think instead of Velcro and rubber bands on the hydration bladder. Maybe a zipper like Colin’s 2021 setup instead of Velcro and that would keep it from expanding out as much

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Please don’t let gravel turn into some kind of techie “space race” that infects TT and Triathlon.

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