Welp同OC no longer the dumbest aero lid. 打

What. The. Actual. Fook.


This cannot be real

Ill pay anything!

Seriously, though, you know, know, know that the wind tunnel data has to be the most compelling wind tunnel data ever.

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It is a Cor Vos photo存o yup, it appears to be real.

ETA - article up on Cycling News.

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Does the embarrassment factor create extra watts that outweigh the drag ?

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I realized that I owe an apology to both Specialized and Kask as their new TT lids far surpass the POC Tempor helmet in the stoopid looks department.

But this abomination still takes the lead

Where can I buy one?

Asking for a friend.


Its ridiculous.

And you know what? Pushing the boundaries is what I want to see from a time trial. I want the mad monocoques, loooong socks, stupid helmets and everything else in the pursuit of speed.

I know that we should have rules but just look at the UK CTT allowing all sorts of experiments.

That being said, its not a looker so it better be provably fast!


so圩ull Face Sock for you then? :rofl: :rofl:

Maybe. You want to be off the course as quickly as possible.


Does the UCIs garments cannot create an aero advantage not apply to helmets?

If not, maybe whole-body covers could be worn on the head.

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Hmmmm Maybe thats the line I wouldnt cross!


So time trial helmets arent primarily designed to look cool and have other design considerations? :-o



Hahahahaha, why am i laughing多ahaha

This is a great argument to have TTs be rule-less. Id like to see the Pros riding beam bikes, or whatever the mad scientists can come up with. If theyre riding helmets like this there must be some possible changes.

Just have a separate category for amateur championship racing open for equipment. Its not like TT isnt an arms race even now :man_shrugging:.

I thought this was an article from the Onion.


Tt have a lot more open rules here in the UK.

My opinion says keep the road bikes looking like bikes but World Tour is supposed to be the pinnacle of the sport so lets let the mad scientists really go mad for this.

Instead of bars/saddles having to fit in a box let the criteria include handling so you dont have to be Tom Pidcock levels of skill to ride it but otherwise go mad. You just know Dan Biggles has some far out ideas for Ganna.