Ashton Lambie breaks four-minute pursuit barrier

I’m amazed nobody posted this yet:
Ashton Lambie breaks four-minute pursuit barrier - Ashton Lambie breaks four-minute pursuit barrier - CyclingTips

And for the tech nerds: A 64x15 and $10,000 bars: Ashton Lambie's sub-4-minute pursuit bike - CyclingTips


So fast. :scream:

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What’s his background? Is he faster than Ganna?

Imagine the times if they did the TP (and had the peak/build up of the Olympics) at that Velodrome/altitude!

He was on the US team pursuit team which didn’t qualify for the Olympics, so he broke the 4min barrier instead :flushed:

He and Ganna traded world records, now it’s back to Ganna


Incredible. I wonder what sort of power output they are doing. Must be 600W AVG for 4min at least?

(Purely off my memory saying Wiggins did 450W for the hour and we’ve seen Ganna do 600W for the final few km’s of Tour TT’s)

I learned to bike race in Lawrence (and Topeka) as well, though a few decades earlier… and that’s about all I have in common with Ashton Lambie. Sounds like a genetic and mental monster on the bike. Love to see the power file from that 4min effort.

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His 4:07 was 478w but he is clearly super aero-optimized and has good ability to hold wattage in aero position.

Ganna is pumping out much higher according to a reliable source of mine.

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I wonder if $10,000 bars is because they really don’t want to sell them to the public.

What is amazing is that he just won the 100k version of The Rift 3 weeks ago……I actually rode next to / pulled with him for a bit during the social ride the day before. Really nice guy.

Sub 4’ is amazing….dude is a beast.


His gearing has been called out… what’s wild is that is about a 46x 11 - subcompact. I bought a 53/39x11-25 road bike when compacts were unsellable. Traditional road bike gearing is stupid…. well geared for the chuggers… no stupid.

He’s running 115rpm here though. I assume he can’t put down more tq without breaking form.

The public can buy them, but the base bar only fits the Argon 18…

Need Ganna to get down to Mexico and have a go…

Not to diminish Lambie’s achievement as it is obviously a big milestone but you get the feeling if Ganna had a go at that velodrome, he could put the record out of reach for some time.


But you are diminishing it…
I’m so sick of this. tons of comments on facebook like this too.

Ganna didn’t do it and until he does, It’s Lambie’s, Give the dude credit and leave Ganna out of it.

Lambie: ‘Set world record’
Internet Warriors: "Ganna would be faster’


Nothing like diminishing a dudes achievement…


While I agree that the current WR holder should get all the praise, who ever he is, if we believe/ know there is someone reliably faster, who just never tried, it just gets you thinking.

Like when Bras Wiggins broke the hour record, who was Olympic champion, world champion, and TdF winner at the time, everyone was crazy for it. Basically because the best cyclist in the world achieved the WR.
When it was broken by Victor, it was mighty impressive! But with him holding a better position, and riding at altitude, people didn’t feel he was better than Wiggins, but the conditions were better than Wiggins‘.
Victor is a great cyclist and a great TTist, but we see him being beaten relatively comprehensively on the TT bike frequently.
I am not saying we should take away from his achievements, just say I understand people wanting to see someone else trying the same.



I just want to see what Ganna could do if he tried it. What’s so bad about that?

Same with the hour record - much as I like Campenaerts.


The difference is that the Hour Record is not the same a regular TT. It is a vastly different effort…from bikes to gears to the track vs. open road.

People can speculate all they want re: who is capable of it, but until they actually do it, that is all it is….speculation. The fact of the matter is that Lambie is the first guy to go sub-4’ and that achievement will always be his.


his background is NUTS. Long distance gravel AND this at the same time. Dude can run both ends of the spectrum


Remember when Contador wanted to offer 1mil as a GC triple crown prize for all 3 grand tours? Someone needs to do this annually for the hour record…every year a big prize for the best hour…undoubtly the all time record would fall

And Ganna would be an even richer man.

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Campenaerts has been pretty realistic about the prospect of Ganna taking the hour record. But like you say, Ganna does actually have to go and do it. And Campenearts will always be the first guy to go over 55k whatever Ganna ultimately does or doesn’t do.

Campenaerts has made a deliberate effort the past season or so to transition away from being a TT specialist as he sees it being a very competitive field - there was an interview with him on the cycling podcast after his Giro stage win this year where he talked about it at some length; he’s been trying to transition to more of a classics/stage winner than TTer.

I actually think Campenaerts and Lambie both deserve credit for being shrewd/dedicated in how they took it - Wiggins hour attempt was obviously hobbled by doing it in the UK rather than at elevation, and doing it in sub-ideal atmospheric conditions (based on timings for PR, normally you want to wait for low pressure). Whereas Campanaerts and Lambie have both gone to the absolute max in pursuit of getting the fastest time possible without any distraction. And Campenaerts got in at a great time after Wiggins’ sub-optimal effort and before anyone else got there…