Hillclimb World Championships - Full Men's Race with Commentary by Winner Phil Gaimon

So good on so many levels!

Hillclimb World Championships - Full Men’s Race with Commentary by Winner Phil Gaimon


There’s a women’s race up too, which was great too. I’m not sure how Courtney was able to climb for so long out of the saddle, impressive.

That was me (Jason Pedersen) making a move for 3rd place in the final minute of the video! “That looks ugly” :rofl: Unfortunately the “vegan shark” ended up getting me right before the finish line and I finished 4th. I didn’t see him coming, but even if I did it wouldn’t have mattered – I was already all in at that point.

My feelings were a bit mixed about my race. Beforehand I decided I would try to go with Peter and Phil, knowing that I would likely blow up, but wanted to see what that level looks like. Well 5 minutes in at 400 W (my FTP was ~340 W at the time) I couldn’t hold on to those attacks they were doing anymore and I went backwards. I think I was 6th at one point, so I’m happy I pulled it together to make that final move. However, if I paced the effort better I know I could have done better than the 343 W I averaged (I did that same climb solo a few weeks prior at 355 W). But then I would have been mad about not trying to go with Phil… such is bike racing.

I did use TR a bit during my weekday training leading into that, though I was hand selecting workouts from the library that I felt I needed rather than following a specific plan. I think I did too much threshold stuff and, if I had followed something like the Climbing Road Race Plan with a bit more vO2 and undulating power outputs I would have been better prepared.

Don’t mean to post one big #humblebrag, but hopefully the insight from another perspective in the race is interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing!

Definitely not the #humblebrag.

This Forum is the Bomb!

Enjoyed your insight and reply - very cool and congrats on a strong ride!