Dang, Keegan (drink) takes the FKT for White Rim again

Fastest Known Time at White Rim Trail


What bar ends are these?

Wish the video was longer, looks like he really had to go for it to get it. Cool edit and motivational as is though :+1:

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That’s cool. Congrats to Keegan.

Are there equipment rules for the FKT stuff? I could see someone trying for fastest time on an old school Tomac type set up with drop bars and maybe a rear disk cover to get more aero vs. a flat bar.

I don’t think there’s anything written down. Apparently Stetina tried it on a gravel bike and got destroyed because there’s so much little vibration. Definitely need full suspension, and wider tires for the sand.

At 18mph on a mtn bike wind and aerodynamics certainly become a big factor. Not sure hauling a disc wheel up Shaffers is worth it though.

I’m surprised no one has put aero bars on a mtn bike yet. There’s at least 25 miles where you could be in them, maybe more with some practice.


Gotta get a Trek rider on a Supercaliber, maybe 2.2 tires and converted to drop bars with aero clip-ons :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. I think that FKT is kind of an improvised activity that maybe existed before pandemic but really became en vogue as a result of cancelled races. So i dunno about any rules for equipment.
I mean, heck, they’re using their own computers, so it’s really on the honor system.

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The FKT stuff is really cool. I like that stuff a lot.

My last run around White Rim was on a Slingshot with rigid fork and probably 26 x 1.95 tires. The sand sections (Potato Bottom IIRC) were a pain in the butt on that size rubber.

Love the WRT and want to do it in one day sometime. Last circuit was a two day but most of our trips were three days with bigger groups. Wife likes to camp on top of the hogback.

Assume since Keegan is with SC now instead of Pivot there will be a bike run down somewhere. Googling later…


This would help with all the supposition around a new for 2021 Blur. I’m guessing he’s on the 2018/19? release and doing just fine with it. But maybe there is a new one.

The togs essentially are allowing for that with the narrower hand placement on the bars.

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Not sure which model he is using, but here is one example:

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He has Toggs on his bars, but they’re inside the grips, not on the ends. Someone else posted a link. They’re pretty great for relaxing your hand position. i use them a lot on indoor rides. Still training myself to remember them for outside rides, which i’ve done like 5 since last february…

Looks to be the SQ LABS that Lee Likes Bikes recommends for his bike setup.

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Yup. you’re right. hot dang, i may have to look into those for marathon activities

Agree, Same here. Looks like they even have an all carbon version that weights 40g but considerably more money.

Didn’t the previous guy (Stetina?) use aerobars?

I liked Payson McEelvin’s video and whilst the FKT thing is a bit fabricated, I think it’s pretty cool. I don’t know if it’s just YouTube Cepticness, or Monster Energy fans, but there were some pretty weird comments talking down on Payson and Stetina.

Keegan is awesome and I think it’s pretty awesome seeing these proper race horses go and show their class on things like this.

Anyone around here had a crack at White Rim?

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You’re right, it looks like he did.

I’ve done it at more mellow paces, and once exclusively by moonlight. Want to try an all out this spring before it gets too hot. Thinking I could crack 6, but it’d take a perfect wind to get close to 5:30.


Anyone know what kind of Maxxis tires he was using?

Blur or Tallboy? Nicely done Keegan - that is an amazing pace! More equipment details would be appreciated!