Workouts suddenly harder

Hi all, I’ve been using TR regularly without a hitch with a Kickr Snap for 6 months, gradually upping my workout intensities and resetting my FTP, no sign of fatigue. Then all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago my workouts suddenly became much harder, so much that I cant finish them. My running is fine, no signs of fatigue so I’m thinking there’s a problem with the TR or Kickr settings . Any ideas?

Possibly the trainer is having a problem. Wheel on trainers aren’t known for their accuracy so I’d start with a calibration and making sure your tire is properly inflated

What has been your practice for performing spindown calibrations?

How consistent are you at setting the roller pressure against the tire?

How often do you check/set tire pressure?

Have you changed tires?

Have you moved into Build phase? If you’re not in the AT beta and fall “outside the Bell curve” you will find workouts getting harder, even impossible to finish. I did but now I’m on the beta things have changed massively.

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I’m not in the elusive AT but I am in the sustained power build phase. I don’t think the workouts are “impossible” as stated above.
I’ve been rating workouts in conjunction of how I will when I’m finally in AT and so far I’ve had 1 workout with a 4/5 and that was after very poor sleep.
My first thought would be whatever he is measuring power with. There’s also been a history with people having inflated FTPs and that could be the case. I think the new plans are just the right amount of stress, IMO.