Workouts Pausing on Their Own

Anyone else experience this? My workouts will pause without any input from me, and they’ll do it multiple times per workout. I think it happened about 4 times during today’s 2 hour session, and happens at least once for every ride. Mega frustrating. If I’m focussing on my entertainment and don’t notice the app pause, I can end up adding minutes to my intervals and unintentionally cooking myself without even recording it!

Running the workouts on a Samsung Z Fold 3 sitting on a wireless charger, auto pause is off, cadence is on a crank arm PM but power is from a Saris H3, and to manually pause I have to press the (tiny) pause button - I don’t think it’s a false trigger on the digitizer as the pause button is so small.
I never had this problem when I was running the app on a Note10+, so wondering if it’s a bug related to the phone/app interface…

Any ideas?

Contact TR support and they’ll look into it for you.

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My guess there’s something dropping out. In the past I’ve had something interfering with my ant + power meter. If TR can’t read it it thinks I have stopped pedaling and pauses.

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That’s exactly what was happening with me. Too many Bluetooth devices. Turned a couple off and auto-pauses stopped.