Workout stopped, workout started... how to fix?


I have some trouble with staying connected during my workout. My workout stops a few times in a row, and starts again in 1-5 seconds. And does this a few times. Then goes on a fem minutes and does it again.

It looks like it has some connecting issues.

Also if I stop pedaling for 1 sec, my workout stops. Can I set it up a bit less sensitive?

I am connected via bluetooth. But also had this same issue when I was on ant+.

Anyone some tips or tricks to get this solved ?


Contact if you haven’t already done so.

That is you best be with an issue like this.

Mine does this periodically. Post what support says.

Only really stinks during intervals.

As Chad said, the best way to get real help on an issue like this is to reach out to support. They can look at your log files and tell you exactly what is happening.

While you await a response, I would recommend checking out this article on helping to prevent dropouts:

There are some good suggestions and “best-practices” that may be helpful in improving your signal strength.

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I had same problems and service replied me to do that (and it worked)

First, I’m going to have you clear your app data. Clearing app data restarts your app, so there is no corrupt data causing strange bugs.

Here’s how to delete your TrainerRoad AppData

  1. Open the Windows explorer, and insert %localappdata% into the search bar
  2. Scroll down until you find a folder name TrainerRoadData
  3. Right-click that folder and select “delete”
  4. Empty the Recycle Bin

A new folder will be generated automatically the next time you open up the TrainerRoad app and the software will sync anything that was stored on the server.

TIP: Make sure to completely close out of your TR app every time you are done with the app. This helps to eliminate potential corrupt data occur.

Turn off auto pause. That will prevent the workout from stopping but you’ll still get the dropouts.

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