Should TrainerRoad pause on your phone when you leave the workout screen?

I use my phone and TR app when riding on my dumb trainer with virtual power.
It has happened twice recently where I left the TR app to go my youtube app to watch a video while doing some steady state endurance workouts, and when I came back to the TR app to check my numbers I found that the workout had paused.
Is this normal?
Should I not leave the app for more than X minutes or else this will happen?
I don’t normally leave the app as I have to monitor the intervals, however, I am doing more endurance rides lately where the intervals are longer and a manageable steady state so I thought I would try and watch something vs the normal podcasts I listen to.

Hey @vanbc,

The app is designed to continue running in the background indefinitely, so what you’ve experienced is not the expected behavior.

Do you have “Pedal to Resume/Pause enabled?” My first thought is that a dropout may have triggered the app to think you had stopped pedaling, which would result in a pause if that option is enabled. To eliminate that as a variable, I would recommend going into your app settings and disabling “Pedal to Resume/Pause” for your next workout to see if that resolves the issue :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t work, go ahead and reach out to our Support Team at and they can take a closer look.

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Thank you @Bryce for the super fast response.
I do have pedal to resume/pause enabled.
If I disable it, does this mean that I have to manually start, pause, and end my workouts?
Not a big deal but just want to understand what that toggle option does.
Thanks very much,

do you allow apps to run in the background? i don’t know what phone you’re using, but on ios there is an option to disallow background activity. perhaps that’s part of it?

Yes, you would have to manually start, stop and, and resume your workout as neccessary.

This is another good point. Check to make sure that TrainerRoad Background App Refresh is turned on. The setting can be found in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Let me know how your next ride goes!

I had a similar thing when I did a workout on my phone using the TR App.

I was away from home so only had my phone.

Strangely I found if did simple tasks checking msgs or emails brief web pages, TR app would continue running in the back ground easily.

But there were other tasks which would cause the app to stop recording.

This sounds like it was likely due to your phone’s memory management. It may have had enough available memory to keep TrainerRoad running in the background while using some applications but not while using more memory intensive ones.

Thank you for the help.
I am on android and apps are allowed to run in the background.

I will try to disable the pedal to resume/pause and see how it goes.

However, I wonder if it is a memory issue as pointed out by @Geoff

I currently don’t have another device (ipad, laptop) to run TR on unfortunately.
Perhaps I should look into that so not relying on 1 device to do double duty?
Thank you for the assistance.