Random pauses in the workouts

Recently I started to get at least one random pause during every workout. It is very annoying, today I was doing VO2max workout with 3 sets of 9x30sec intervals and it paused during the first interval in the last set, so it lasted a minute instead of 30 sec( the resistance on the trainer stays the same during the pause), that wasnt pleasant.
So, before I contact support, I just wanted to check here if I am the only one with the problem?
I also record my workouts on my garmin watch and no problems like this there, so I am not sure if it is some hardwear problem or a trainerroad bug

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I have never experienced such a pause but are you sure the power connection is not interrupted? “Auto Pause” mode is active in default setting so if no power or cadence measured for a short time (maybe 3-5 secs) interval is paused.

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Yup, seems likely to be linked to power (and cadence?) data and auto-pause setting.

Without a specific file to review, we are guessing at best. You should contact support.

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Thanks! Although I am pretty sure that I dont have any problems with power, as my fan is on the same socket as the trainer. But I will check the setting and contact support

if you can share a print screen from the workout we can see if power(or cadence) was interrupted. I also have 4iii power meter and if cadence goes extremely low, it stops power measurement and workout stops (happened only once)

Pretty sure he’s talking about connection to the power readings from the trainer over Bluetooth or ANT+, not electrical power to the unit. Depending on your auto-pause setting, if you experience trainer connection dropouts that are long enough, I believe the workout would pause (I don’t use auto-pause, so I don’t know for sure).

Agreed with everyone else that contacting support is the best option, as they’ll be best equipped to look into your specific setup, and they’re very helpful IME.

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Hey @Lupusoff! It looks like you you reached out to support and the advice you are getting here is along the right lines! You guys are awesome!! :star2:

Here’s how you can reduce interference from other devices and improve the connection between TrainerRoad and your trainer:

  • Make sure that you aren’t recording the ride on any other device, watch or headunit.

  • Turn off all other wireless devices in the room including speakers, headphones, keyboards, computer mice, etc.

  • Closeout of all other apps/programs that may be running in the background - This will make sure there are no apps that could be interfering with TrainerRoad. Additionally, we’ll want to make sure our devices are completely unpaired from any other fitness app.

  • Try a ride with your Wi-Fi router unplugged. - Wi-Fi signals run on the same channel as your devices send signals out on and the interaction between the two signals can cause issues. If the ride with your router unplugged is better, you can change the channel your router sends out signals on. Here’s how: https://www.howtogeek.com/197268/how-to-find-the-best-wi-fi-channel-for-your-router-on-any-operating-system/

Let us know how you get on after trying these steps! If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a DM!

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Thanks everyone for your answers and advise. I tried the suggestions and it seems that the position of my laptop was causing issues somehow interrupting the signal. Change of location helped.
Thanks !

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Aaah great news! Great work team :muscle:.