Are these the hardest workouts?

Just done 5× 6minute intervals at 108% of FTP. Really suffered, knocked it down by 2% for some it and got it done. Are these probably the hardest workouts. I done 3× 20min SS Intervals 2 days ago and found them a lot more manageable. I’m on Sustained build plan, Week 2.

what is the recovery time between intervals?

5 mins recovery.

Yea your legs just fill up with lactic but it’s a necessary evil.
Your body has to adapt to high levels of lactic and get rid of it.
There is one more evil then this and its sets of 30-30’s in two blocks of 6-8.
Aka 30 seconds full gas and then 30 seconds off. Throwing up after a set of those is highly likely.
You will probably not get those in your current plan tho. TR doesn’t use those I believe.

But try them one time and after that any plan will seem easier :joy::joy:

Three minutes at 130% are the hardest workouts for me

Everyone will have different interval types that are the worst thing for them

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What workout was this? Raymond +2?

What you’ve described doesn’t match what I can see in week 2 of the plan.

The hardest workout for me is the ‘rest day’ when I’m not supposed to be on the bike. It is far more challenging than most of the other TR workouts. I suck at resting. #mentalweakness


Sounds like Red Lake +8, which is at the end of week 1 of Sustained Build Mid Volume.

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If that’s the case, then no, it shouldn’t be exceptionally difficult. IF is 0.85 for 90 minutes. Not an easy day at the office but shouldn’t kill you either.

Just wait till Elephants +4…

Edit: see correction below.

Oh wait, it has an endurance section at the end which skews things.

Actually it’s 95% NP for 50 minutes during the work intervals. Yep, that’s pretty tough. Maybe not the toughest, but nasty nonetheless.

Red lake +8

Hard but dooable.

I had Red Lake +8 on my plan last week. Certainly hurts, but personally VO2 max work, so 120% stuff really makes me suffer. I get stitches with VO2 max stuff which really hurt, so they’re my least favourite. I’d take Red Lake +8 anyday over those!