Workout variations: Tallac +1

Are +1 variations supposed to be harder (ie more work), or just longer?

I had Tallac scheduled today and had a look at Tallac +1.

They are both 3 x 15min sweet spot intervals, but Tallac has 3 min rest between intervals whereas Tallac +1 has 6 mins. To my mind, that makes +1 easier than the regular version as you have more rest between intervals.

It Depends! In my experience - some are extra intervals, some are just longer. It can go the other way too, with minus versions shorter with the same interval durations, just less recovery (so a higher intensity).

Then there’s the minus versions that are the same length, but different intensity. I think there’s a few sweet spot minus versions that split intervals with a short break in between for example, and plenty of VO2 Max ones where percentage above FTP varies or interval duration, but workout duration is the same.

After taking a hammering on some plus 1 versions when I’ve had more time, I now generally use the extend cooldown feature and ramp up the intensity (for the cooldown) if I want to add extra duration/ TSS.

You need to look at the IF, duration and sometimes even calories to see a proper comparison between workout variations.

Harder/easier can vary and the +/- is not always a good predictor of that. There’s an existing thread on this topic.

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