Tallac -3 difficulty!

Is it just me or does Tallac -3 feel a lot harder than a SS 4.7? Got Eclipse -1 coming up and rated SS 5.1 though I seem to handle 2x20 min SS better than the Tallac format of 3x15 min SS but very short rest periods.

Funny, this sounded familiar. I did this a few months ago, and noted to support how hard it was and that -3 was exactly the same as -2. They changed the -3 workout description to match the profile, rather than change the profile. :slight_smile: Later I did -1 and found it much easier, even though it is 5.2.

I also noted that the warm up is insanely short, so extending that a few minutes helped a lot.

Strange that -3 and -2 are the same. Agree the warm up is short, I maybe should have extended it! I suspect that Eclipse -1 in a couple of days will be easier even though I’m stepping up from SS 4.7 to 5.1.
Just looked back through my calender I did another SS base prior to this and Tallac -3 was at the start of week 3. It had the highest average power bar one workout (Trunchas -2) in the whole 6 week block!!