Bluetooth dropping/freezing constantly?

I’ve had this problem for a while but its gotten worse. My watts and HR would freeze but the timer would keep running. I check my devices and they trying to connect.

Usually the workout pauses when the devices are disconnected but not anymore. it just keeps running at a frozen wattage.

Any tips? This is killing my workouts as I need to restart my phone to correct the issue, and then its only temporary. it will freeze again in 10 minutes.

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Contact for best support on issues like this (if you haven’t already done so).

I reported a similar issue in March. Since then swapped to only using ant+ on windows so the issue disappeared for me and I haven’t had reason to check it since.

Are you using di2? My PM bugs out after I shift sometimes and I think it’s due to using the di2 wireless module

Same issue here, I’m in touch with Support@ and looking into it.

In my case, restarting the entire phone is not required, turning bluetooth off and on again does the trick (and usually, fixes it “for good” for the training session). Funny enough: ANT+ (my cadence sensor) keeps going with no troubles.

I am currently excluding an issue with the trainer/power-meter because (1) Zwift (running read-only on a different device) keeps reading numbers fine from it while TR drops out and (2) the HR strap drops out too, at the same time and in the same manner.

I just removed the app from the list of Samsung’s “Battery Optimisation” ones, I’ll see if it makes any difference. If not, next I’m going to try with a different phone (I have an old iPhone sitting around) to validate my hypothesis that it’s an issue with the phone/TR interface (you aren’t using a Samsung by any chance, are you?)

Contact support or if you can’t wait: disconnect ALL Bluetooth devices and connect only your trainer/powermeter to TR. See if it continues. Add devices bit by bit and see what’s interfering.
If you use a laptop, ensure it’s close to the power source. (power as in powermeter/trainer).
I’ve noticed with people even 1 meter can make a difference.

And don’t underestimate all the (junk) Bluetooth that can interfere. Cellphones, smart devices, kids tablet…we don’t realise…

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Thanks for the advice, @stvnvnlnckr :slight_smile: Yes, I’m indeed in touch with Support and they are indeed trying to help me. I still think it’s useful to document here the use-cases and findings right? People might be looking here for help, and this post might help direct them (to Support, at least :P)

I did already try to connect only the trainer to TR, the issue still happens.
The phone sits on the front of the bike, the trainer at the back, should be plenty of signal power (and signal power level never drops in the Connected Devices page), but this is an interesting area to look into!

I still suspect it’s just my Samsung cutting off BT sync to the app, considering for some reason it as “sleeping”, hence my next troubleshooting step :slight_smile:

All my workouts are on only a Samsung Galaxy S7, plus Kickr and Garmin cadence and HR sensors.

I had terrible problems connecting via Bluetooth, much like yours.

Since two years ago I’ve only used Ant+ (Bluetooth disabled) and not had a single problem since.

For a moment, yesterday, I though I solved it :confused:
With “app optimization” disabled, I managed to go through almost 90% of the workout, but BT dropped again during the last interval.

Next up on my troubleshooting list: trying with another device…

Similar to what @stvnvnlnckr said, I started having issue with my S/C sensor. It was paired and TR on my Samsung tablet saw a signal but it wouldn’t make any readings or it would take 2-3 minutes then show up.

Turns out, that after a Windows update, the native BT on my laptop (not TR compatible) turned on and between the laptop and my phone, the S/C sensor wouldn’t connect to my tablet running TR. I am guessing it is trying to pair with other devices and I have to have both device’s BT off to get the sensor to connect.

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@GiacomoRz Hi, did you ever resolve this, I have the exact same issue. Traineroad on Samsung keeps losing connection to turbo and HR. But they remain connected to Zwift in laptop. Very frustrating, I often have to save ride, forget devices reconnect then resume ride. Not ideal for intervals. Thanks

Hey @Jowen89 ,

welcome to TrainerRoad Forum! :slight_smile:

yes, he issue suddenly disappeared. I believe updating Android fixed it, as I didn’t really make any other substantial change…

Ah OK, thanks for the response.

I started using TR recently and face this issue on all my workouts. The cadence and power freeze, time keeps ticking and target power stays the same. If I switch off bluetooth and back on - I am able to pair it again. Once reconnected, it is able to read the data for the missed few mins.

Setup - Wahoo core with Huawei P20 Pro.

Never had the issue with zwift. Was anyone able to resolve this?

Hey! I definitely recommend you check in with the support team. This may be a power setting or there may be some device interference they can help walk you through, but device dropouts certainly don’t need to be part of your normal workouts!
You can email them at, or submit a request online. Including that device info above along with your username is recommended, too. :+1:

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