Workout on the day of A race

I have a VO2 Max workout on the day of my “A” race. Seems like an oversight. Also the workouts this week seem to be typical intensity when I would think they would taper a bit. I did have a recovery week last week. Just seems strange how it planned it out. The race is a gravel race. Around 70 miles and 8k of climbing. Any ideas?

Contact for help.

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This happened to me when I inserted a regular training block (low-volume build) when my schedule already had an A race. I assumed it was because I was using a regular block rather than Plan Builder.

(I fixed this by deciding the A race was a B race, removing the planned threshold workout, and adding an opener).

Correct, manually added plans will not adjust around events in any way.

You must use Plan Builder for that level of control and interaction.

Makes sense. I always use plan
Builder. This one I set up for the entire year though. At the time I just put the end of the year as the finish date. I reached out to support to see. Obviously it’s easy enough to adjust/delete just like to find out what happened