Workout morning/ afternoon

I heard in one of your podcasts that training in the afternoon has lots of benefits and the morning only has one, getting it out of the way. If you live in a place like me that is hotter than hell, Oklahoma, would it be better to train in the morning cause it’s cooler. Therefore sticking to your workout better. Thanks have a great week.

If I remember correctly that was one of the other benefits of a morning workout. If the afternoons there are too hot to get an effective workout in then yes I would train in the morning. However, if you know you have an event approaching that will force you to ride or race in the hotter part of the day then it may be a good idea to do some of your rides/workouts during the hot part of the day to get some heat acclimation and to dial your hydration and nutrition strategy.

If I got it right, from that podcast, advantages of training in the afternoon are things like, planning hydration, planning your feed and of course not straight out of your bed into suffering.
One has the chance to carb up a little before a hard workout.

In the morning, a training with most of the glycogen already depleted, the utilisation of fat will increase but, the chances of boking are also higher in the case of having a workout at or above threshold.
One out many strategy is to eat mostly carbs in the day before an early morning training and hopefully you wont woke up in glycogen depletion.

When I know I’m training the next morning, I generally load up a bit more on carbs the night before. When I train in the late morning/afternoon I do that prep with my breakfast/lunch. I can’t recall sleep depleting glycogen, just some planning around your next workout timing.