Morning Workout = Trashed, Night Workout = Just Fine. What Gives?

Hey y’all,

Something that I’ve been scratching my head over recently -

Most things equal (sleep hours, training duration, even exact same ride), if I workout right after waking up, I will be EXHAUSTED for the rest of the day. If I do the same ride at night after work, I feel totally fine. Energized, even!

The only difference I can pinpoint (other than time of day, obviously), is that I will do the morning ride before eating and eat right after (usually peanut butter toast… mmmm), and the afternoon ride I will have eaten during the day. But can that really explain such a distinct difference?

Anyone else have this? I love knocking the rides out in the morning, but I’m not sure I can blend in as a zombie at work for much longer…

I need to search, but timing has been discussed in details.

Mother Nature is a mad scientist!! I’m exactly the opposite. Morning = awesome! Night = disaster.


Funny. I started a thread yesterday about what time people work out.

I want to try early mornings, but I’m currently a night owl. I fear early rides will knacker me out for the day…

But I need to give it a try for a while and ensure I get enough sleep beforehand somehow.


Thanks, Chad! I feed silly starting a thread on such a widely-discussed topic. Clearly it is food for thought :slight_smile:

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I’m on night mode as well and it plays for me much better than mornings
I have time for nutrition & stretch & no problems with sleep what so ever I’m fine in the morning
As father of 2 and 5 years olds mornings are always hectic so adding morning session always ends with being totally used out before 11am and without a nap it’s worse and worse
As long as numbers are on target i feel it’s fine