Workout Levels V2 update? [Unstructured Rides]

running imports came but are mostly pointless

Because the system does not account for the fatigue they create

The TR answer that “outdoor / unstructured workouts don’t make you faster” is all well and good, but they do fatigue you, making you less able to manage the structured workload.

This would also solve all of the endless “wah, tr burnt me out” threads that pop up.


Is the TR forum becoming some place where we hear about quitting TR and TR HR difficulties and support requests for competitor software?

Please TR give us some new features to talk about…would be nice to get some more positive spirit again…this thread would be perfect for some update :wink:!


@Nate_Pearson curious if you have any update?? @Jonathan mentioned that they used an internal alpha to look at an athlete’s outdoor rides on the podcast.


After the way the forum recently had 1000 posts attacking him, does this truly surprise you?


I would love doing this but found it too annoying that Garmin won’t allow you to disable erg mode. If that’s fixed that’s all I need. I know you can unpair your smart trainer and repair it as a power meter but then you don’t get virtual distance which I find handy to track chain waxing intervals.

He started the How motivated are you to train today? thread yesterday. He’s still around.



That’s why I asked when I did, was hoping he’d see it when he was active on that thread lol

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If the aim was to distract and stop people thinking about WLV2, the first step might be to have Jonathan stop mentioning it on the podcast (once each in 416 & 417 to name the most recent two weeks). Point being that I doubt these topics are aimed at anything other than the item at hand.

Like a duck on the water, I see this as TR being potentially quite active behind the scenes despite minimal stuff shown now. TR is large enough in size that they likely are developing multiple things in different teams, so these topics by Nate are likely aimed at those other teams besides those on WLV2. Sure, this is sadly delayed and years behind when any of us would like to see (TR included). We will get it when we get it, and other stuff may show before then without having a direct impact or delay since they are likely covering several things at once.


You’re right and I should not have posted that …

He mentions it again in today’s show. No spoilers, but he had a pretty big difference between his avg. power and a bonkers threshold PL during the event he did over the weekend. I continue to be excited about the update. I also continue to be a tad annoyed that we’ve been waiting so long. Mostly excited, though.


Indeed, 3 in a row:

  • :goal_net: :ice_hockey: = Hat Trick
  • :x: in :bowling: = :turkey:
  • or any other triple success that works here :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all!. Jonathan mentions in the latest podcast that they are close to release the beta version where PLs would be affected by unstructured rides. Anyone has further information on this?

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I don’t mean to be that guy, but I feel like we’ve been hearing that for 18+ months.


I moved your post under the long running one relating to this topic.


It will be ready the day after I win a national championship doing only a TR LV plan.

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How long til that is done?

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We simply won’t know until they give it to us.


Does this historically mean that this is accessible through Early Access via toggle switch to all TR users?

Sounded to me when they mentioned it that there would be an invite only beta first.

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Agree - that is what they did when they released AT. They will gradually add more users each week and then suddenly it will be available to all.

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