Workout Levels V2 update? [Unstructured Rides]



I don’t think so. When they released AT in beta you had to register for an invite, then they invited different people over time. Lol, I think when I finally got an invite to the AT beta program it was released for everyone a few weeks later. Some folks were invited into the AT beta program a year before the release :person_shrugging:

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On the other hand, they did do this with plenty of other features such as the Polarized Plans and AI FTP.

But of course, we won’t know until they say something.

Well, say something other than it’s going to be great and coming soon (for varying amounts of soon).


I could be wrong but if they go the beta program route it seems like it’ll be invite only, but if they go the early access route it’ll be opt in. My hunch at the moment its a beta program, but as you say


I’m sure Nate said on a podcast a while back that they intended to go into a closed Beta. With the original AT this started this with staff, then it was expanded by invitation. I’m guessing the invitations weren’t random, but based on people’s training history and consistency etc - possibly even w/kg as well, unless my memory is playing tricks on me. I got my Beta invitation a whole week before it switched to early access!


The people that may get the early invite could be people doing mostly outside workouts. Would be easier to check compliance, and that V2 scoring correctly if comparing to a known value (the prescribed workout) before doing more unstructured rides. Obviously pure speculation.

I do mostly outside workouts, so this is what I keep telling myself…


Agreed. I noticed TR had a post circulating recently essentially telling people to ride inside and not do group rides because…science.

Perhaps a 3 hour hard group ride does not give 3X the benefit of a 60 minute trainer ride, but I would be very surprised if someone could conclusively show that it did not give MORE than the trainer ride.

The difference in benefit between your two scenarios isn’t inside Vs outside but structured intervals Vs non structured

Not to say this isn’t the whole point of this missing functionality…but the hour long ride could be outside and more productive than a three hour group ride if it has similar intervals to the hour long trainer session


IS that the case though…a 1 hour structured ride could be more productive than a hard 3 hour unstructured on? For example…I just did a 2.5hr group ride on Wed, 208 tss. Is that really less productive than a 70 tss workout?

There’s too many variables at play for there to be any universal answer to that question

It depends on your goals for the day, the week, the month, the season. Of course it also depends on how you’re spending the time in the group ride

From a fitness perspective you’re frequently best served with shorter more focused interval sessions over hard group rides, but as above this isn’t universal


Yea I mean obviously the specific ride matters. If It’s just noodling around for 3 hours, maybe 20 minutes of zone 2 here, a sprint or 2, lots of hanging out in zone 1, I could see the structured workout being more beneficial.

This particular one in question was HARD though. Zone 2 out of the city, then fast the next 35 miles, with 28 minutes spread across VO2, anaerobic, and neuromuscular zones.

I bring this up as an example of what people are talking about above with unstructured rides not being accounted for…the work done in a ride like this is far and away more than is encountered in the vast majority of TR workouts.

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Doesn’t necessarily make it more productive…of course it might though :smile:

What about the impact of the stress and fatigue?

I don’t think one should really compare 3-4 hours outside to single hours inside. Pound for pound then inside will likely be more productive in very narrow terms but what about fun and enjoyment etc?


Right for sure. I dont think many people would argue the individual points…an hour structured workout is better than an hour of random riding.

But that ISNT typically the choice for a lot of people I think. The unstructured rides WILL be longer normally…so it really is offen a choice of 60 minutes of structure, or hopping on the 50 mile group ride and seeing what happens.

The way you describe your ride the structure would likely gather better fitness gains

But the fun and skills from the outside ride are vital so keep on doing them


Nice problem to have :slight_smile:

Contrarily, in my case, I generally have an hour to ride in most cases. So its an hour inside or an hour outside. My outside Sunday rides are over and above my LV plan.

Wow really? I’m not trying to be obtuse…but how can 60 minute ride with 1/3 the tss and with less time in virtually any zone than a 2.5- 3hr ride give more benefit? I’m just curious what I’m missing.

without fully reading the context, it depends on one’s plan, a 60min z2 ride may be what an athlete needs compared to a 2.5-3hr ride if they need to back off a bit. I throw in 60-90min rides on Fridays after 3 days of workouts as a buffer before longer weekend work

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Yes :joy:

Yes really. But, as I said above numerous times, it depends

It’s highly unlikely you’re getting the same time at threshold or vo2 on a group ride as you’d get in a structured ride

Additionally the extra tss you’re picking up is likely in zones you aren’t training and simply increasing fatigue and thus reducing your capabilities to hit intervals moving forward

But again, it depends on a ton of things and if you’re having fun out there go for it