Workout levels max

I have just completed an 11.3 sweet spot workout and my levels have only increased to 10 which appears to be the max.

Will this also be an issue with the AI when future workouts are being adjusted or will it know to push me beyond 11.3 next week?

Sounds like your FTP needs to go up :slight_smile:


Yes, personal PLs are capped at 10 and once you reach it, AT suggestions will not go beyond this.

I only tested 3 weeks ago at the start of SST base 2. This is start I’d week 4 so 2 more weeks before next test

you say that like it’s typical for folks to max out their SST progression level. how are you testing?

incorrect, don’t equate sweet spot time to ftp

Unless you’re hitting 11.3 PLs.

P.S. I didnt state it as fact, I just remarked that it might indicate :wink:

I did 1x90 at 90% in November, it was rated a 10.8 and my ftp is the same as it was prior to that block. But even saying it “might” sets expectations that might not be realistic. Sometimes people get good at sweet spot and need more to actually advance ftp

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Pardon me for sharing an insight on an open forum.

apology accepted

Yep. If you have, say, a TTE at FTP of getting on for an hour, it’s not surprising to be able to knock out 90 minutes of sweetspot, as muscular and aerobic endurance is clearly a strength.

Of course, there’s an argument that you might be able to increase FTP more efficiently by doing shorter intervals nearer to or at threshold, but it’s up to each individual to ride however they want whenever they want.

Thanks all for your thoughts. I tested as per my plan - 20 min ramp.

I usually find I have bugger all upper end of power but can usually build TTE pretty well.

I’ll stick with my ftp for remainder of 2 week plan sand then I’m onto a build programme anyway when I will really suffer!