Workout dropped after pause pressed

Hi all, I was doing Monadnock +4 today and during the big break in the middle, I wanted to pause the workout to grab a tissue. However, when I pressed the pause button (I also have auto-pause on, but when I can I like to just press the pause button myself), the app sent me back to the calendar view and my workout record was gone. Now I cannot get the data back, so I effectively lost half the workout record. For your information, I use the iPad app, 6th generation iPad with iOS 12.4.1. Of course this does not affect my training in a specific way, but I like looking at my plots etc and knowing it is available. Let me know if there is anything I can do to get my workout record back, or if I can give any more information to fix this bug.

Thanks for an overall great product despite this recent frustration.

I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team to see if they can recover your workout. They should also be able to look into your log files to determine exactly what happened so that they can give you tips to prevent it from happening in the future :slight_smile:

You can reach them at


I had something similar happen, did exactly what @Bryce described, and they were able to “repair” the file and told me what caused it. :muscle:t2:

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Thanks, I contacted the support team :slight_smile:

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