Bug or Feature - jumping to the random point of workout

I have this issue with my TR iPhone app which I can’t understand whether it’s a feature or a bug.
Sometimes during a workout, I either press occasionally somewhere on the screen or it’s my sweat drops and the workout continues running from some other point in time. For example, I did the major set and then was in the cooldown phase but then all of a sudden it started all over again from the warm-up 5th minute and all the info from the main phase dissapeared. Luckily I have garmin recording as well, so it’s not a big deal but still.

I tried to replicate this behaviour by pressing into the random points in the timeline, press harder, press longer - no reaction. I looked in the help section and did not find any info about this behaviour, looked in General Usage section.

I saw this behaviour in Beta version and normal version, I use a screen protection case and without, different phone models. It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes it’s quite annoying.

Anybody else had this issue? Or am I doing someting wrong?

When using the app on my phone or tablet, the workout first needs to be paused by pressing top left of the screen, before I can slide on the graph at the bottom to a different location.

This is handy in case e.g. the app crashes and you need to start somewhere in the middle to continue the workout.


No! I knew there is something going on there :slight_smile: Thanks, @mrpedro