Bug in the middle of a workout - Workout moving fast forward


First i’d like to give thumbs up to TrainerRoad as i am enjoying every bit of it since i started a few months ago.

This morning i was doing Spencer+2 workout, as part of the SSBLV2.
During the recovery valley, after the 3rd VO2Max interval, the trainerroad app suddently changed the intensity to 99% (instead of 100%) and froze for a while. At some point the freeze stopped so i put the intensity back where it was at 100%, but then i saw that the workout was already in the cool down time. It has skipped the last 3 intervals.

I didn’t find any way to rewind so i just finished that workout and started the Spencer-5 (which gives me the last 3 intervals i missed).
But again, same thing happened after the warm up of Spencer-5.

That was very frustrating experience. This is the first time such issue happens since i started using TrainerRoad about 3 months ago, so a few questions:

1/ Is it a known bug?
2/ Whenever this issue happens, is there a way to “rewind” the workout so i can resume it from where it stopped? [Edit: just found the procedure described here: Scrubbing to Different Points in a Workout]
3/ What should i do next? since i’ve done Spencer+2 only half way, should i try to do it 100% tomorrow again? or do the next workout of the SSBLV2 (which is Lamarck)? or do only Spencer-5 tomorrow?

Thanks a lot!

Hey there Locky!

I’m really sorry to hear about your issue :pensive:.

Did you pause the workout at any time? It looks like what happened here is that the workout froze, and then ended up in a paused state. When the app is paused, and you accidentally tap or click on the screen, the workout then jumps to that spot of the workout. To return to your original spot, you would need to pause the workout again, and then tap back to the spot you were at before.

If you did not pause the workout at any time, then this may be a bug that we will need to look into.

If you are on a Low Volume Plan and you can easily fit it into your schedule, I would recommend doing the warmup and the first three intervals to make up for the intervals that you skipped due to the freezing issue.

If you are on a Mid or High Volume plan, where the above procedure would displace a future workout, then I would recommend simply moving onto the next workout. In the grand scheme of things, it is better to move on and get back to training than to spend too much energy trying to get caught up :+1:

Sorry again for the trouble, let me know if it is possible that the workout was paused resulting in the time-skipping ahead.

Thanks Bryce. I didn’t pause intentionally but there might be a bit of sweat involved in there :slight_smile:
It happened to me in the past to accidently pause the workout and resume it just fine, but this is the first time it makes the workout jumping ahead!

I’ll try to think of some more sweat proof setup and will see if that happens again. Since i’m doing the low volume i will easily find time to do the 3 missing intervals.


That’s great to hear, sorry again for the troubles.

If you experience any more freezing issues please let out Support Team know at support@trainerroad.com. It is possible that thiswas a one-time mishap, but if it becomes a recurring problem we’ll definitely want to look into it :+1: