Feature Request: "Pause counter:

Would be awesome if the app/web page could keep track of how many times, where and when a workout was paused. This would be a nice feature when comparing workouts, for us weaklings who sometimes resort to a few “cheat” breaks.

I.e when comparing a present effort to a past one, it would be nice to see if any additional breaks were taken. Presently there is no way to tell, except looking for spikes in HR and or power.

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The alternative request (and better one IMO) is to pause the workout step timer, but keep the timer ticking. This is much how auto-pause may work on a Garmin. You’ll see gaps in your workout, and you can make out the count from there.

It’s something I really would like to see. There has been this feature request in the past, but I’ll let someone with better search capability to pull that one up.

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How do you do that?
I’m performing my workouts using the iOS app on my phone. I am only aware of the “pause” button, which doesn’t impact the recorded workout time at all.

You can’t right now. This has been asked for a number of times, directly and/or indirectly.

The example given was a head unit, where you can pause something, but in actuality it keeps ticking along the overall timer in the background. If you go on an outside ride, do outside workouts, or use your head unit to record your indoor workout, you will see it.

In Garmin, if you pause your workout, the overall timer keeps going, but the workout timer is stopped. Take a look at an outdoor ride, and you’ll understand what I mean. Or do your workout with Garmin.


Shouldn’t be too hard to implement. From the Podcasts, they have mentioned several times that they “see” us when we pause. So clearly they are already extracting the information

yep, but the devil is in the details. Ideally, it should work like a head unit. Unfortunately, not many workout players do that. The only one I’ve come across is Xert, or an actual head unit to control the workout.