Workout creator question

When building a workout on the creator, any time I add a “snippet”, it increases the total workout time by that much, ie Im building an hour long workout, add a 5 minute interval, and the workout is now 1:05.00

Is there any way to keep it a set workout length while still adding intervals?

Short answer: No

Thanks, sounds like the long answer isnt much different haha

It was probably less confusing to implement an “insert snippet at” than “replace from xx to you with snippet”

Imagine you have a workout and you try a replace at minute 25. The snipper you are using is 10 minutes long. But at minute 30 you already had something happening. Now you have 2 conflicting set of instructions. Do you merge both sets? Do you replace the whole 10 minutes with the new snippet? Suddenly you are faced with yet 2 new set of commands that makes the creator more complicated.

I have no insight, but as a developer, the way is currently implemented is probably the way I would have done it. Less confusing, simple. It might not work for everything, but works for the 90% use case, plus there are easy ways to mitigate the absence of a replace.

It’s still a super easy way of creating workouts, just wanted to check if there was a setting or method I was doing wrong.