Workout creator or editable workouts or skippable intervals

I’d like workouts to be more customisable, so, in order of priority and hopefully ease to implement:

  1. Make intervals within a workout skippable. A simple button to skip the next interval would be great. I don’t always have time or energy for the full workout. Or perhaps a skip one minute button.

  2. Ability to edit TR workouts from the library without requiring separate software. Your library is great, a few tweaks to existing workouts is all that’s probably required. Extend/reduce durations, reduce/increase repeats.

  3. User generated workouts, browse and use.

  4. A workout creator within the app / website. I don’t have a laptop or PC to install your separate software and having everything in one package would be much simpler. If you had #2 this probably wouldn’t be needed.


Hey Human Cyclist!

Thanks so much for the feedback! You make some great points. I’ll pass this onto our Product Mangagers :slight_smile:

I know we’ve been playing around with more dynamic workouts interactions, so skippable intervals are something we may look into.

As for the Workout Creator/ web editor, this is something we’d very much like to do, but it is not on our immediate Development Roadmap right now due to its complexity and our other major Development Projects we have on the table.

And lastly, regarding the user generated workouts, this can be facilitated through the teams feature. While not a “global” database, it allows you to share your custom created workouts with your friends, associates, or teammates. We may expand this functionality in the future, but for now this is a good workaround.

Thanks again for your feedback!


I heartily agree with this wish!

We can use the up and down arrows to adjust the intensity.
Why not use the left and right arrows to increase or decrease the current interval. Whether that be a threshold or recovery interval, but what I think would be beneficial is to extend the cool down whilst you’re currently doing it. Sometimes I want to go a bit longer, and claim the extra time!

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Also vote for some form of “skip forward/back to next/previos interval” in the mobile apps (maybe have a button or at least somewhere in the menu).

In a workout somehow connection got lost in app during a recovery, realized too late and then could not jump to next interval. So after reconnection I had to finish the complete recovery from when the connection got lost. (Jumped to PC app then where you can slide into the workout as needed).

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You can already move forward or backward in a workout on the TR Mobile App.

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Oh, perfect! That would work for me. Guess I was too hectic fiddeling with the phone. So in that case I guess I don’t need some extra skip button but would favour a cleaner interface (or save that space for future other features).

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I agree, a quick jump forward or backward by block would be more handy, in all platforms, not just mobile.

Let me second (or third, or whatever) the motion for a new workout creator. The Adobe Air-based creator is an absolute pain for me. As much as I hate to say it, it’s much, much easier to create workouts in Training Peaks or Zwift. Especially for those of us who avoid Windows and Mac computers as much as possible.

In addtion to skipping intervals, I would like to quickly add an interval to the set. I know that I could scrub backwards and do the interval over again, but then it would overwrite my data.

If it’s too hard to create a new workout creator, perhaps a way to upload workouts without the workout creator? You could have an option for CSV files, with a template. Easy to make workouts in excel/google docs then

Another vote :heavy_check_mark:for a web-based workout creator (doesn’t rely on Adobe AIR).


The ability to import workouts, .FIT preferably.