Workout Creator - copy to make session twice as long

I’ve done a fair bit with the software but never really got into its full capabilities I don’t think (why would I really when there are so many workouts already in the database) but, I have created my own 75 min workout and want to know if there is a quick and easy way of copying the whole thing to make the same workout twice as long?

Highlight all of the intervals, and then click “repeat selection”. That will duplicate everything that you’ve highlighted in the exact same order.

The “repeat selection” is very useful when you are creating a series of intervals that are in a repeating pattern (e.g., 4 blocks of 2 mins @ VO2 max, 1 min rest): you just create the first interval and recovery period, and then click “repeat selection” as many times as are in your block.

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Aaaaah I see, just tried it, perfect. Thanks.