I need someone to create workouts for me

I tried custom workouts created but I suck at it and would like someone to do it for me. I can pay a reasonable amount.

Out of curiosity, what are you trying to do differently than the TrainerRoad workouts and why?

Why not? As Chad says sometimes throwing something against a wall and see what sticks

Are you trying to do it from scratch?

Like most things, it’s way easier to modify an existing work.

I am after 40/20 at 120 % follow by 1/2 hr of endurance.

how many intervals? how much rest between sets?

My suggestion is go grab this guy; https://www.trainerroad.com/app/cycling/workouts/6453-merced
And then open it in TR Workout creator. Click it, create a new name.

Select this green block i’ve highlighted, then hold shift, and then right click the last full interval before cool down to select all the middle intervals. (see below)

From here click delete selection in the top right, now you can simple play around within the remaining set and either grow it out to say 10 intervals, or shorten to 3, whatever you choose, then select your completed “set” and hit repeat selection to duplicate as many times as you want.

Just made a set of 7 rounds of 40/20 x3

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