Workout Creator Max Power 300% FTP

I was creating a new custom workout in the workout creator and could not create an interval with more than 300% FTP. I am trying to make 10/50 intervals (10 seconds on/50 seconds rest). Is there anyway to program intervals higher than 300% FTP besides switching to resistance mode?

  • Tiffany

Hey Tiffany,

Unfortunately not :pensive:

That being said, for intense intervals of only 10 seconds, ERG mode can tend to struggle to adjust fast enough.
I find that Resistance Mode works a lot better for abrupt power changes and short, intense intervals.

Sorry I don’t have beter news for you!


Hi Bryce,

I would also like to add my frustration with the workout creators max of 300% FTP for intervals. I have recently started to focus again on some sprinting drills and have butted up against this limit. In my own case I’d like to make a series of sprint intervals in the range 200 to 500% of FTP.

In the end I was able to make the workout I was after in Zwift using the ZWOfactory web-based workout creator. I have a Kickr and found that I was able to get good transitions to relatively high-power short intervals (>= 500%) if I included a short ramp interval of between 10-15s beforehand.

I would hope that the 300% limit is some arbitrary value (possibly hard-coded :wink:) in the source that could be increased rather than some fundamental limit.

I have used the workout creator to construct many of my own custom workouts over a long period of time and hope that such an improvement could be made as it is somewhat of a hassle to switch to a different app for the workout.



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What happens if you create a work out with 300% FTP, but once doing the work out you increase the intensity? Are you then able to go above 300% FTP once you’re doing the work out? If this is a workaround you could just make the rest intervals a lesser percentage knowing that you will up the intensity once in the work out.

Even in erg mode you should just be able to ride above what TR is commanding the trainer to do.

Alternatively you can change your FTP before and after the workout pretty easily to get 300% be any number.

Yes, I realise it is always possible to come up with workarounds, ie changing intensity or manually fudging your FTP.

However, I would have thought a much better and probably simpler solution would be to remove or substantially increase what appears to be a somewhat arbitrary limit in the first place.

almost 3 years later i can just repeat this annoying “feature” of the software. This change must take about 2 minutes work from a single engineer. I was just charged about 150$ for next years membership, that should singlehandedly pay for this change to be implemented for all members.

Just because @Jonathan , chad and @Nate_Pearson cant sprint doesnt mean you have to prevent the rest of us from practicing ours…

Still love you guys

YEESH haha. The aforementioned advice still applies that this isn’t necessarily a development issue or something we wouldn’t have time for, its that trainers in ERG mode have a really difficult time catching up to that degree of increase quickly and smoothly. I’ll check in with the team about this to see if anything has changed.

In my custom workouts i typically add a 10 sec interval that goes gradually from 50% to 300% and then 10 seconds at 300%.

Works perfectly for me, cant really see a reason to stop me at 300%. I kinda doubt a change from 300% to 500% makes much differance to the trainer.

My trainer can do 2000w, my legs 1500, but my software stops me at 800 :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face: