Remove the ftp % cap for workout builder

anyone else like to do pure sprint workouts indoors? Specifically things in the 5-15 second range where youre going wayyyyy above ftp percentages. I think the ftp cap of 300% is kinda irritating when it comes to pure sprint work, personally i get limited to sub 800w due to my ftp yet im about 150w shy of double that for a full sprint effort over 10 seconds. any chance we can get that cap removed so us non enduro/TT guys can get our important work in while using the TR software @Nate_Pearson ?

Why not change erg to resistance mode for the sprints? Then you are not capped and you can do this with one click of a button.

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the forced requirement to stay at a minimum wattage is something i like. especially when its near the end of a workout and im starting to crack mentally/physically. the trainer forcing me to do 1000w seated is a nice perk of a smart trainer.

kinda think of it like the way keirin school riders have the start gate workout. its a standing start from a gate down a slight hill and then as they start to fade as theye been going full gas they hit a steep wall and have to continue to grind over the top of it.

in addition, itd be nice to see your goal wattages for an interval set. you could still swap to resistance mode and go as hard as possible, but having the target/goal on screen and later in the data afterwards would be nice. i.e see your lap power and how close you got to what the goal was. yes sprints are done 100% all out, but everyone knows about what they can do and itd be nice to have that target visible. they also change based on what kind of sprint im doing. seated 10sec efforts i wanna pull over 1000 watts. standing i wanna be over 1200w indoors. being able to look back and see oh my target was 1000 or 1200 would let me know what part of the sprint session was which if i didnt note it during/after the workout. which tbh i just get off and lay on the floor in a ball post sprint session anyway

Hey there @chriswitek,

Thanks for taking the time to submit your feature request!

The issue with allowing targets higher than 300% for sprinting intervals is that ERG mode tends to struggle to adjust to such a large wattage jump. Typically, it will take your trainer a long time to adjust you all the way up to your target, and with short 10 second intervals, this drastically affects the effectiveness of the sprint interval.

We find that Resistance Mode works a lot better for abrupt power changes and short, intense intervals.

That being said, I will pass this suggestion onto the team for consideration. We have future plans to revamp the Workout Creator, and this could potentially fit in as part of that project :+1:.

I find the tr way of bringing up the power 2-3 seconds before the interval starts helps in getting to higher power. There are also NO intervals that are actually sprint based power targets. I mean when I’ve got a 700w target it clamps down pretty quick. As long as I dont try and jump into the interval before it starts erg does fine in my experience. I will say erg is absolutely garbage above 105rpm though. That’s a fact