Feature Request - Remove +200% limit on intensity adjustment

As discussed on a recent podcast, sometimes it is great to tack on an endurance/recovery ride on the back of a normal session. Most normal workouts don’t have a variant that has this, so extending the cool down is a way to workaround. However, given the usual cooldown’s low intensity, even at 200% the power isn’t high enough to get it into the higher end of recovery, or to endurance. I tried to do today with Monitor +3, and ended up stopping the ride, and starting up Carter. Would be nice not have to stop and start a new workout.

If there is an easier way to do this, I am all ears. Like a choice to add endurance time button like you have the None, 5, 10 minute in extend cooldown now.


+1 It’d be nice as it happened to me as well to hit the 200% cap.

As a workaround, what i did today is extend the cooldown by 30 minutes and put into resistance mode.

I like the idea of tacking on an endurance block.


It would be great if the intensity override could go higher than 200% in the Android app.
I have one specific usage case where this would be a help.

During a podcast a couple weeks back, they were talking about the value of extra endurance work (like Petit). During that same segment, Chad brought up that there could be even more value to adding that type of work to the end of a more strenuous workout and Nate mentioned that with the new extend cool down feature, one could easily add that 10 min at a time. The only trouble with this is that all of the cool downs end up at 30% of FTP, so even going to 200% of that is only 60% of FTP, whereas something like Petit goes up to 75%.
If the intensity override could go up to 250% that would get me there but if they’re changing it, they might as well make it 300%.


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Yes, I wish for this feature several times per week. I’m building to ironman, and I am very often tacking 30-60 minutes at goal IM wattage at the end of the interval workouts. I always have to just start a new Petit or something along those lines and play with the intensity. Would love to keep it as one ride.


I thought I heard on the podcast the other day that they had removed the 200% limit, but last night, on the Android app it still capped at 200%. Do I need to update the app or something?

Hi All,

The 200% cap on intensity is still in place. Although, I would recommend that you try putting your trainer into a different mode (i.e. Resistance Mode), if you want to extend your workout with an endurance session. That way, you can control your power output by simply changing gear, and/or changing your cadence.

If you need more information on this, we have a great Help Center Article: Smart Trainer Modes Explained that will have a lot of great information on this topic!


I just pop it into resistance mode, (M on the keyboard) and hover around 20-25% for cool down. Much better level, than the one set. Simples…

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  1. The above works fine for PC.
  2. Mac requires clicking on the “ERG” section to switch modes.
  3. Mobile requires accessing the Devices, loading the trainer, swapping modes, then stepping out of each window to return to the workout.

And in all the cases above, you have to run the Resistance (or Standard with some options) to the desired level.

It’s a notable hassle that varies with each device, and will be a welcome change once the limit is removed.

Appreciate the work around but this seems like such an easy fix so that those with ERG who clearly just want to set and forget can do that. @Nate_Pearson even bumping to 250% or 300% if a limit needs to be there would solve most folks issues, and it just is a factor of how the cool-down % is calculated with most ending in a declining power slope so that you’re finishing at 75-90w and 200% of that isn’t all that much in absolute terms.

I am also using the Android App and it has not been removed for me either. And, yes, I would love this feature (for the same reasons as mentioned above) too!

@Pete can you give an update on this?


Sure can. It will be in our next Beta Release. We had a little bit of excitement last week, but as long as we get it under control, it should be within the next week or so. I’ll update this thread the moment I hit build for the next batch of releases.


If you know prior to getting on to the trainer what you want to do, the easy solution is Workout Creator. There’s almost no TR workout that I do that I don’t import into WC first. Modifications may include adding cadence snippets at the front end of endurance workout, adjusting the Rest Intervals within sets or between sets, adding intervals sets to the workout and modifying the cool down. I think WC is a fantastic tool and I’m looking forward to the next version :slight_smile:

One other workaround would be to increase your FTP by 50%.
Then do the workout with intensity lowered by 50% and continue the cool down at 200%.

While this may give you the number of watts you want, it will mess with your TSS and training load substantially.

Depends. If your ftp setting on TP is accurate, then the TSS there would be correct.
Otherwise, you are correct and I would choose a new workout or go resistance mode.

Without doing all the math, I don’t think this is the case. Reason being - Intensity Factor. IF is your Normalized Power / FTP. So, for any interval, dropping the intensity of the workout changes the IF.
Since TSS is dependent on this, your calculated stress for the workout would be whacked.

Actually, it’s better with math. Let’s do some quick assumptions for a 90% interval for 5mins. Let’s assume it’s steady, and the average power over the 5mins was the same as the normalized power. And we’ll compare this to upping our FTP by 50% and dropping the intensity by 50% in order to accommodate the suggested workaround.

FTP = 300W
t = 5*60 = 300s
Normalized power = 270W
IF = NP/FTP = 270/300 = 0.9
TSS = (t * NP * IF) / (FTP * 36) = (300 * 270 * 0.9) / (300 * 36) = 6.75

Now let’s increase our FTP by 50% to 450W and drop the workout intensity by 50%. Our 90% interval goes from 405W to 405/2 = 203W.

IF = 203/450 = 0.45, making the TSS for the interval:
TSS = (300 * 203 * 0.45) / (450 * 36) = 1.69

So, sadly it doesn’t work out.

Don’t use the FTP adjustment suggested. It is worse than other short term options.

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Awesome @Pete thanks!