Workout Creator - How to make interval timer separate two blocks

Pretty much what the title says. The interval timer is just adding two intervals together, instead of counting down separately. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe @Bryce?

Our Support Team should be able to help you with any issues you are having in the Workout Creator. You can reach the team at

To help give them a visual representation of what you are trying to accomplish, go ahead and take a screenshot of what you are building in the Workout Creator and include that in your message :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bryce, will forward it on to support.

Just so everyone can see what I mean or runs into this problem, here’s two screen shots. I took Red Lake +2, and added 17:30 of easy spinning while reducing the cool down ramp to 5:00 to stretch the workout out to 90 minutes. It lumps those two together for a 22:30 block instead of counting them down individually. I suspect the grey bars under the intervals in WC have something to do with this but I have no idea how to modify or insert them.

It’s been a little while since I used WC and I think a few things have likely changed, like you didn’t used to be able to have a cool down ramp that ran straight off another block. Have you tried removing the cool down ramp block then just adding a standard 5 minute block in at the end, finally adjusting that so that that the start and end values give you the cool down you want? You’ll need to unlock the setting to allow you to have different start and end % values.

The grey bars are simply highlighting work intervals. The “REST LEVEL” default is set to 50. You can change that, for example changing it to 65 you can see the 65% endurance intervals no longer have grey bars:

I’ve never paid attention to count down timer. It is possible it only counts work intervals (highlighted by grey bars), and non-work intervals.

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Haven’t tried that, but certainly will give it a go and report back.

Gotcha, thanks.

I think I repeated the cool down, then altered the intensity and length.

ok now set intensity to 40%, and the question on the table is what will countdown timer show after the last interval? Will it countdown the 17:30 block, and then the 5 min ramp down? Or will it countdown 22:30?

Indeed, this is the question!

I’ve used WC extensively to modify workouts and even if there are consecutive blocks at the same FTP%, the TR app will count them down as one continuous block (i.e. 5:00 @ 40% followed by 17:30 @ 40% will countdown as a single 22:30 @ 40%). This is different than how Zwift and Garmin head units do it - they recognize the different blocks as separate intervals, even if the FTP% is identical.

One (not elegant) solution would be to insert a very short interval of 1% difference (i.e. 0:01 at 41%) between the two longer blocks.

Question, though, why do you want them to count down separately? The answer may yield a more fitting solution.

The ones I have modified with the blocks in the middle don’t do this. Like Townsend -1 I have made into a -2 version, and even with the same power target across multiple blocks, TR still counts down the individual blocks.

It’s not a big thing, but I’d like to see how long I have for endurance spinning before I begin to ramp down.

the easiest solution might be to change REST LEVEL to 39% (for the workout you provided, with 17:30 at 40% followed by 5-min ramp down)

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Maybe I mis-read the question. If there are two separate, adjacent intervals that are being counted down separately, then delete one and extend the other.

That’s what I want to happen, not what’s happening in some cases.

This isn’t a workout creator change, it appears to be a change in how TR reports intervals - from my experience, this change only applies to rest intervals.

Just to update, yep, this did the trick. Thanks for help!

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I seem to be one of the few people who also likes to use WC even in its Adobe Air format. I’d like to be able to set up a workout where the work interval is done in resistance and erg controls the recovery power . These an old thread on this but has anyone successfully done this?
TR said last year that a new WC would eventually be embedded in the main software, now a lot of their big announcements have happened I wonder if they’re going to look at this now?