Interval Countdown Timer - Total Interval vs Intensity Adjustment

Loving the platform but I have a minor suggestion.

When doing a sweat spot interval that varies target power such as in Geiger I would rather know how many minutes until the whole interval is over than know how much longer until the varying intensity hits an inflection point.

I appreciate the programming work to benefit ratio might be smaller here…


Agreed! I’d go so far as to say the combination of breaking up long steady state efforts into little chunks combined with the lack of this total time feature is the single most annoying thing about using TrainerRoad. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How much longer? Are we there yet?

The potential to group multiple power targets under a common timer is already there in the app - I can’t remember if it’s Ericsson or Goddard, but in the ILT section at the beginning there’s an interval timer that includes multiple steps.

+1 on this feature.

After using the platform for a while now ide downvote my own suggestions. There are not many workouts that this applies to.

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The break up makes it much easier mentally.

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I disagree. I like the way it breaks down those longer intervals into shorter segmentS. Much easier mentally, for me.