Workout avg speed on Strava

Hello fellow TR users,

Quick one for you. Avg speed on Strava seems way off on my workouts. Today I did a 1 hour workout with avg power of 209 watts, on Strava I have an average speed of 22.8km per hour. Any ideas what’s going on here? It’s not isolated case this is the norm. Doesn’t seem to make much of a difference big or small ring.

Not too bothered either way but just wondering am I missing something obvious here?

If you are doing a workout on a trainer inside, especially if you are in ERG mode, the speed and distance are quite variable based upon the gearing you are using.

  • Not sure what trainer you have, mode you are using, or exactly how you tested this, but more info might help, if the info above is not applicable to your status.

It’s wrong…your avg speed was zero! :joy:
Seriously though, speed on a trainer is basically a random number you can alter via gearing and trainer set up.


Hi Chad,

thanks for the detailed response. I’m training on a direct drive tacx s and using ERG mode.

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Then the distance will be directly related to the gears you use. Longer gear = more distance. It’s basically measuring how many turns your cassette did.