Working Harder During Base

I’m 2 and half weeks into SSB1 mid volume and finding the workouts easily completable. Yesterday evening (a fasted day) I did Leavitt +2 @ 105% (IF0.85) for 90 minutes. I am doing most at 105% and considering moving up to 110%. Is it likely that I am not getting proper base work by working above the suggested level, or should I consider re-ramp testing, or if I am finishing them just go with it?
During Leavitt the workout text talks about getting benefit of fat burning at the lower intensity levels am I undoing this by working much nearer my FTP even if I can complete the workout without issues.

Sweet spot workouts aren’t necessarily a good gauge of if your FTP is set correctly (for a variety of reasons - but primarily because you should be able to complete sweet spot workouts since the IF is relatively low) so this is a tricky area you’ve entered into because something like Leavitt + 2 should not feel incredibly taxing

Looking at the workouts adjacent to that in your plan…I think the ones you should look at for an FTP adjustment would be more like Tunemah or McAdie. If you are finishing those over/under intervals and not feeling pretty gassed at the end of each interval then I’d feel confident bumping the FTP up a small amount. If, however, you’re only capable of bumping things up on the easier rides like Leavitt+2 then you should probably leave things as they are until you have your next scheduled ramp tests


If you think your fitness has progressed a lot since your last test, then test again.

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When in doubt, reassess. This was one of the major drivers behind the creation & implementation of the ramp test–giving riders an assessment format they could perform as frequently as they wanted without derailing their training.